Spoke Huskies



Spoke Huskies Campaign

This case is about an overwhelming victory in 2018 student elections with record-breaking numbers for both winning votes and total campus engagements (1,856 total votes). In comparison, to the most recent election for 2019-2020, had 313 total votes. Not only was this the most actively engaged campaign in UW Bothell student election history, but it is marked as the most dominant victory.

I was a campaign lead, responsible for creating and managing all digital assets for the campaigns. This includes: logo, brand guide, Facebook cover videos, promotional videos, special campaign videos, Instagram filters, campaign fliers, social media graphics, and photography.




April 2019 | 4 Weeks


Campaign Manager, Design Lead


Branding, Strategy


Associated Students of University of Washington Bothell


Each year, the student body of UW Bothell elects members into the student government executive board. Traditionally, amongst the 5,500 students, only a small fragment actively participates during the student elections. Our goal was to create a highly-visible campaign that not only boosts the voter engagement but also to brand ourselves as an approachable and accessible resource for the members of the community.





The logo was a point of contention in the beginning. What we wanted was the appeal to the demographics on campus, while being recognized as an approachable brand. We intentionally chose the solid tone which gave us a comforting fee while the bold typefaces provided a place for our student advocacy to lean against.



Social Media Schedule

Schedule is organized by types of publishing platform. It shows rigorous planning for deliberate content strategy.


Content Strategy

This map shows a system of delegated work between the team. Along brand management, people management was particularly hard as everyone was busy first being students.



Campaign Trailer Video

Give people something to remember... Our name, our positions, and our goals should be everywhere, all the time so that people dream about us.

Facebook Cover Video


Campaign Flier

Our names and faces everywhere on campus.


Social Media


Official Campaign Video


The biggest constraints are always going to be money and time, sometimes people. These are given– and so should strategies to overcome them.



After a stressful month of planning, strategizing, designing, and outreaching, the election finally came to an end. All members of the Spoke Huskies campaign won with a considerable margin and set record high voter turnout in every category possible. In addition, we set the tone for our team for the rest of the year.

As the result, our brand was so well-recognized that student government was referred to as ‘Spoke Huskies’ more than as ASUWB (the actual organization title). Some people even kept our fliers so that they can use it to remember our names.