Digital Arts and Media Marketing

Digital Arts and Media Marketing (DAMM)

DAMM is a media marketing agency created to empower others to do more. Majority of students at UW Bothell are commuters, which means that they leave promptly after class. What I've noticed over the years is that students are disengaged with the community on campus and there is a lack of sense of Husky pride in the air. 

In order to mitigate this social environment, I founded an agency to enable other student-focused organizations to enhance their communication by creating engaging content. DAMM's mission is to inform, include, and to involve the students in discussions that happen around campus. 

My day-to-day operations change based on the areas needed. I have to be flexible along the way as the club first started out. Since the early stages of DAMM when it was first created from scratch, one the key ingredient of its presence was brought by the ability to evolve and adapt. 




October 2017 | 3 months


President, Partnerships & Productions


Digital Media

As President

  • Orient DAMM's identity and the team members focus towards a cohesive mission

  • Manage the entire portfolio of projects produced by videographers and designers

  • Liaise between external parters and internal stakeholders

  • Overview all content and edit before final approval

Inspired by

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13 partnerships and over 14 multi-media projects in its inaugural year.


  • Advertisement video with Commuter Services Task Force

  • Photography with Childcare Committee

  • Portrait Photos with Campus Event Board

  • Graphic Design with Student Legislative Action Committee

  • Graphic Design with Fusion Dance Club

  • Advertisement video with Peach Campus Ambassadors

  • Graphic Design with Christian Fellowship Community

  • Graphic Design with Social Justice Organizers

  • Graphic Design with Student Technology Committee

  • Promotional Video with Multicultural Clubs (Muslim Student Association, Black Student Union, Latino Student Union, African Student Association)

DAMM Parking: Project Circle

Role: Project Management, Editor

Every day, UW Bothell students drive around in circles of the parking lot to hunt for the last spot available. At approximately 12:30 PM, the herd trails after walking students to complete their mission and arrive to class on time. 

To mitigate this problem, the administrator has purchased a remote parking lot 10 minutes away from campus with shuttles to transport the students. To let this service be known, DAMM has partnered up with the Commuter Services Task Force to shine a light on the Truly Shuttle.


Peach Food Delivery Advertisement

Role: Lead Producer

Spearheading the lack of food diversity on campus is the new food delivery service Peach. To solve the pervasive pain point of only having Subway, small cafeterias, and food trucks as options, we brought on Peach to give more diverse, affordable options to students.

Each day, you receive a text message with a full array of menu and collects orders to be delivered together in bulk, saving delivery time and cost. The food is dropped off at a designated location around 11:00 AM every morning and will be then ready for pick up. Under my direction, DAMM films and edits the advertisement video of the service.